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Master Your Mood: Create a Custom Excel Mood Tracker

Change your habits  Change your life

Have you ever felt a whirlwind of emotions and wondered why? You're not the only one. 

It's essential to understand what influences our feelings for better emotional health. Mood tracking is your secret weapon in this quest, and what better tool than Excel, which you probably already use!

Setting Up Your Mood Tracker in Excel

  1. Start Simple: Open a new Excel workbook.
  2. Structure: Organize your tracker with these basic columns:
    • Column A: Date
    • Column B: Mood
    • Column C: Sleep duration
    • Column D: Exercise
    • Column E: Stressors
  3. Personalize: Add or remove columns based on what matters to you. Maybe you want to include diet or social interactions?
  4. Visualize: Use Excel's conditional formatting to color-code your mood, making trends easy to spot.

Choosing Your Mood Categories

  1. Stay Relatable: Select categories that mirror your emotions. Consider:
    • Happy
    • Sad
    • Anxious
    • Energized
    • Calm
    • And more...
  2. Add Depth: Use a mood scale, maybe from 1-5, to indicate intensity.

Track What Matters

  1. Go Beyond Mood: Delve deeper by noting factors influencing your mood:
    • Diet: Healthy meal or comfort food?
    • Social Time: Hangouts with loved ones?
    • Daily Tasks: Busy day or relaxed afternoon?
    • Weather: Sunny day or gloomy weather?
  2. Stay Relevant: Choose what genuinely impacts your emotions.

Stay Consistent in Tracking

Remember, consistency is your friend. Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or winding down at night, make mood tracking part of your routine. Some quick tips:

  • Set a daily phone reminder.
  • Use a habit tracker app.
  • Place your tracker somewhere visible.

Uncover Patterns with Data Analysis

After gathering enough data, dive into patterns with Excel's tools, like pivot tables or charts. Perhaps you're happier on days you exercise? Or more anxious with less sleep? Recognizing these patterns is empowering.

Keep Evolving Your Tracker

Your feelings and life are dynamic, so should be your mood tracker. Regularly tweak it to fit your evolving needs. Whether it's adding a new mood category or adjusting factors, always aim for clarity and relevance.


Embracing an Excel mood tracker is an empowering step to understanding and enhancing your emotional health.

Dive in, stay consistent, and watch the magic unfold in your well-being journey.

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