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    MindMood: Mood Tracking Suite

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    MindMood: Mood Tracking Suite

    MindMood: Mood Tracking Suite

    Ultimate Mood Tracker Spreadsheet - Premium Quality & Easy to Use

    It’s human nature to act in response to emotion. Sometimes this leads to beautiful expressions of love, gratitude, or joy. But other times, it means giving in to road rage or spending an hour locked in the bathroom crying.

    What did it look like for you today?

    | Why Mood Tracker |

    Why should we care about tracking and noticing our mood patterns? Well, because the way we feel impacts the way we think. And the way we think determines the actions we take, which in turn influences our experiences and ultimately, our feelings.

    Maintaining a positive mood ensures a balanced outlook and notably influences our well-being.

    | Some Features of Mood Tracker Include |

    1. Daily Mood Log: Easily track your mood throughout the day with designated markers for morning, afternoon, and evening, using emojis.
    1. The Daily Reasoning Log serves as a journalistic tool, enabling you to articulate and document the specific reasons behind your mood fluctuations for more insightful self-analysis.

    2. Weekly Average Mood: The Weekly Average Mood feature offers a comparative analysis of your emotional well-being, allowing you to juxtapose the mood trends across the four distinct weeks of the month.
    1. The Monthly Average Mood feature provides a comprehensive overview, enabling you to gauge your overall emotional state for each specific month.

    2. Yearly Average Mood: This feature offers a longitudinal analysis, enabling you to contrast your emotional well-being from month to month throughout the entire year.

    This Mood Tracker spreadsheet comprises 14 meticulously designed sheets. The first sheet offers detailed instructions for effortless navigation and optimal use of the tracker. The second sheet provides a comprehensive annual mood analysis, while the remaining 12 sheets are dedicated to individual months, allowing for in-depth, month-by-month mood tracking.

    | What You Need |

    A Google Account (It is free to sign up if you do not have one using this link ( )


    | What You Receive |

    You will get a 12-Months digital mood tracker for the year. Track your mood to help understand your mood pattern throughout the year.

    | Instant Download |

    Once payment is cleared, you can download your files directly from thank you page as well as we will send an email with the files and instructions.

    | Please Note |

    You are purchasing a digital file ONLY! You will get a link to a Google Spreadsheet that you’ll save to your personal Google Drive.

    | Refund Policy |

    Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final, and I am unable to issue refunds.

    | Term of Use |

    This product is for personal use only! You may not resell this digital file in any form.

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