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    WealthPath: Financial Independence Planner

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    WealthPath: Financial Independence Planner

    WealthPath: Financial Independence Planner

    Ultimate Financial Independence Tracker

    Much like a business, a person benefits from using a spreadsheet for their finances because it places all the information in one easy-to-read place. This helps you to see how much income you have, as well as how your money is spent, which allows you to budget your money appropriately for your needs.

    | Why Financial Independence Tracker |

    Unlock the path to financial freedom with our Financial Independence Tracker, designed to guide you seamlessly towards your Crossover Point—the moment where your investments sustain your lifestyle, as coined by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. Gain in-depth insights into your income and expenses, empowering you to strategically plan for a financially independent future.

    Some features of financial independence tracker include:

    1. Cross Over Point: Navigate effortlessly to your financial nirvana with our Cross Over Point feature, designed to meticulously track and pinpoint the moment when your investments are substantial enough to sustain your lifestyle indefinitely.
    2. Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR): Master your financial future by seamlessly tracking your monthly expenses in relation to your Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), a proven metric that ensures you can sustainably withdraw from your portfolio without depleting your resources. 
    3. Passive Income: Unlock the door to financial independence with our intuitive tool that allows you to meticulously track your monthly expenses against your passive income, signaling your arrival at financial freedom once your passive income surpasses your expenditures.
    4. Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) + Passive Income: Experience the ultimate financial freedom dashboard, designed to meticulously track both your monthly expenses and the sum of your Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) and passive income, granting you the label of financially independent as soon as the combined total surpasses your outgoings.
    5. Automatic Graphical analysis: Harness the power of data visualization with our Automatic Graphical Analysis feature, designed to provide an intuitive, month-by-month or even year-long graphical representation of your income and expenses, allowing for more informed financial decision-making.

    Unveil the path to financial freedom with our comprehensive Financial Independence Tracker Spreadsheet, which includes four intricately designed sheets: an introductory guide to set the stage, followed by detailed sheets for tracking your Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), Passive Income, and a comprehensive overview that combines both to help you gauge when you can consider yourself financially independent.

    | What You Need |

    A Google Account (It is free to sign up if you do not have one using this link )


    | What You Receive |

    You will get a financial independence tracker to track your investment, income, expenses and safe withdrawal rate (SWR) throughout the year.

    | Instant Download |

    Once payment is cleared, you can download your files directly from thank you page as well as we will send an email with the files and instructions.

    | Please Note |

    You are purchasing a digital file ONLY! You will get a link to a Google Spreadsheet that you’ll save to your personal Google Drive.

    | Term of Use |

    This product is for personal use only! You may not resell this digital file in any form. 

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    | Refund Policy |

    Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final, and we are unable to issue refunds.

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