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    Savings Challenge Spreadsheet
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    Embark on a savings adventure with our Free 50 Week Savings Challenge Tracker—a fun and structured way to help you accumulate wealth over time. As a free gift to you, this tracker is designed to turn your savings goals into an achievable, week-by-week journey.
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    Forget the complexity of financial planning—
    our 50-Week Savings Challenge Tracker simplifies the process.


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    Adjust your savings goal once, and let our tracker outline your weekly savings plan.


    It’s set up to guide you through nearly an entire year, leaving two weeks for flexibility or a well-deserved break.


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    "It's perfect! This spreadsheet is a work of art. Thank so much for putting this out into the world for us to enjoy & be better versions of ourselves!"

    Jaime Stuntz

    HabitHub: Habit Management Toolkit

    "Thank you for creating a beautiful excel program, it definitely sings to my detail orientated, organised, and the love of maths character in me."

    Sabia Vardy


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